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    I will be there!

    At risk of self promotion I’d love anyone interested to join my talk Dissecting industrial wireless implementations Saturday morning at 10:30AM in the ICS Village.

    I’m in town all week if anyone would like to meet, chat, etc.

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      Your talk sounds great, right up my street. I’ll definitely be there.

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        First talk of the morning on a Saturday is hardly prime time, but I’m hoping to attract a few interested types. There’s a lot of good SDR content on during the weekend so I’m excited to both learn and contribute.

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      I’ll be going this year, my first ever Def Con and I’m super excited.

      If anyone has tips for getting the most out of it I’d love to hear it.

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        This thread on twitter is good: https://twitter.com/tarah/status/886323500419436544

        In my experience: say hello to randos that look bored/lonely, do contests, save the talks for when they show up on youtube, drink lots of water (not booze, not soda, not coffee, yes water), and don’t forget to eat, shower, and sleep.

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          The talks are important and make sure to hit the ones that interest you the most, but the social aspect is the part that sets security cons apart. Over the years I’ve ended up going to less and less of the talks and instead watching them when I get back from the con. Talk to people! I wonder if there is enough interest to have an impromptu meetup for lobsters at DefCon/BSidesLV.

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          I really enjoyed the teaser video they made.