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    Am I correct to assume that parser combinators cannot be used if I want to parse same input, in 2 or 3 different runtime environments: JavaScript, JVM, C++, Python (as an example) ?

    In other words, am I correct to think that parser combinators are predicated on relying on particular programming language to run within?

    My yet-to-be implemented use case is being able to parse same DSL and interpret (execute) it, with a web app, android app, python app and a desktop C++ app.

    I sort of stayed away from learning how to do it in Parser combinators (although I had some experience years ago with C++ Spirit [1] by Joel De Guzman ). And instead, we were looking at tools that can generate parsers for several run-time/programming environments (the problems so far is that what I found had a pretty hefty (in terms of kb size) JavaScript runtime version – which exceeds size budget of our web app).

    [1] http://boost-spirit.com/home/