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      Betteridge strikes again… but what a dull world it would be if we only did “useful” things.

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      I remember when the Dreamcast was released some 20 years ago. If I recall, it took surprisingly little time before someone ran NetBSD successfully on it. I never owned a Dreamcast but a lot of people were very excited about this. I believe it was possible because someone had ported NetBSD to the SH-4 CPU well before the Dreamcast was released but I couldn’t tell you now what other hardware that would have been.

      With the fact that an Ethernet adapter was available for it, I think a lot of people were hoping it could be a dirt-cheap (for the time) *nix server platform. Although I’m not sure you could connect a hard drive up to it. Those hope were pretty much irrelevant when the XBox came out a year or two later and filled that need. Although it didn’t take long before its P3-733 and 64 MB of RAM weren’t worth bothering with unless someone gave it to you for free.

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        As the Dreamcast gets older and older the number of hardware projects for it increase, like a DIY broadband adapter or a CF/IDE adapter to replace the failing laser in the optical drives which are becoming increasingly common. Far more interesting way of support a CPU architecture in my opinion than some boring single board computer that amass and plague the bottom of a draw.

        The reverse engineering of the Sega Saturn was really interesting.

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      Useful for getting more entries on https://dmesgd.nycbug.org for sure :D