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    I really hate this type of clickbait link. If the “one weird trick” is really that useful, you can spend the time to come up with a descriptive title.

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      Besides which, the contents boiled down to “learn your shit”. Good “one weird trick” for most occasions!

      It actually made for a good enough read, but links and titles are supposed to set up expectations. I was expecting something along bitmap magic and representation in hex.

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        I thought the title was pretty clever. It’s clearly about hex editing and I liked the “hex life” pun. It read to me as a parody of clickbait titles.

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          definitely at the dad pun end of funny…

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            aka the best end of funny

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        One of the very first C programs I ever wrote (in 1984) was called “hx.c”, and its job was, basically, to dump a stream as hex bytes, or dump hex bytes back to a stream. This was before the ‘tr’ tool was introduced (in 1988), and as a result I’ve had this code with me ever since. :).

        So I was a bit disappointed that the answer to “how can I improve my Hex life” was, simply “write a Unix shell script that will do all the heavy lifting”, lol ..