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      Yeah that one’s very good :) The description of some potentially fatal (LITERALLY! :) bugs that thankfully didn’t kill anyone is particularly neat.

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        Always mount a scratch astronaut. 8)

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      Roger’s :proc appears twice in the index. The second link goes to the URL for DNS and the Art of Making Systems “Just Complex Enough” but the page loaded is, again, Roger’s :proc.

      7074 says Hello World is missing entirely.

      Anyone know to whom to forward these issues?

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        Very sad 7074 Hello World wasn’t taped :( Mainframe hacking is super cool in my book!

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          I’d try Bryan Cantrill. He might at least be able to direct you to the right person.


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            Sorry about that! We got the DNS link corrected. As for Marianne’s amazing talk, I’m afraid that we can’t make the recording available for legal reasons: while Marianne was authorized to give the talk (and her content was approved) she didn’t have the necessary White House approval to make the video available. Now, one can obviously be bummed out that the White House (and the government more generally) is getting in its own way here (there was nothing in her talk that shouldn’t be made public), but (for my own sanity) I choose to look at it the other way: we are (very!) lucky that technologists like Marianne not only put up with the government but actively try to improve it! So… sorry about that. You missed a great one, but if we put everything up, what reason would there be to make it to the next Systems We Love? ;)

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              According to All the talks from Systems We Love, 7074 says Hello World wasn’t recorded.

              DNS and the Art… can be found 7h4m4s into the livestream.