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    Hey, Lobsters! I’ve been sitting on this project for a while and a buddy recently recommended sharing it here. I built it to scratch my own itch, so it’s still very MVP. Its biggest shortcoming is definitely the lack of the ability to apply AND and OR boolean logic to filters. In the long term I’d like to add the ability to combine multiple feeds into one as well, assuming there’s demand.

    My girlfriend was looking for a new job in a rather niche field so I had subscribed to some RSS feeds, only to find they were country-wide and there was no good way to narrow it down geographically. I didn’t want to wade through hundreds of job postings just to nab a couple, so I built siftRSS. Laziness really is a virtue.

    I’d really appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

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      Support for regexp would be great too. ;)

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        Ahh, good call! It was in my original plans (like many things), but I was focused on cutting the scope to the point of embarrassment. ’Tis the nature of MVP, after all. :)

        If you like, I can shoot you a message when I implement regex matching.