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      Some people find one tool I created useful too: https://github.com/akavel/up

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        oh wow, that looks very useful

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      This is a great list!

      fzf, ripgrep, fd, and delta are a part of my “used so often I don’t think about them” tool box. I’m still aware of when I’m using zoxide but it’s becoming more and more normal for me daily. entr is a part of my standard presentation development stack (pandoc + Reveal.js + miniserve + entr). I’ve written more jq scripts — more than what’s appropriate for a single command-line invocation — in the last couple of years that I’ve yearned for a jq formatter a.k.a. jqfmt.

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      The only daily driver I see missing is “rq” (read/write/transform all the various json/yaml-like formats) which should probably be in the “jq” section. Very nice!

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      There’s also dasel for JSON, TOML, YAML, XML and CSV files: https://github.com/TomWright/dasel

      And here’s another list: https://github.com/TaKO8Ki/awesome-alternatives-in-rust

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