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      I just wish there were live streamdumps, as it was hard enough to build a schedule, and one could just have watched already past talks in the meantime.

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        I have seen some talks dumped on Youtube during the week-end because the talks were pre-recorded. Your mileage may vary based on which one you were interested in. 2021 talks will be available there

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      My FOSDEM experience was … weird this year. For the context, I attended to FOSDEM for the last 10 years.

      On the technical side, it was the best organized conf I saw or attended since last year : pre-recording the talks was the right choice, the Matrix set-up with chatroom for everything was nice and the sharing was clearly present.

      However, for me, FOSDEM was a social event first where I was able to since some friends scattered around the world and just hang in the various stands talking with people and grabbing collectibles. Of course, the talks was a part of the experience but only a port of it.

      This year, I was trying to keep up from my apartment where I don’t have a room to really isolate myself. I hang in various chatroom, followed some talks and was distracted by life, my partner, the snow. At 15h on Saterday, I decided that I will just to as I want and go outside, enjoy the snow, the talks will be available after and that’s it. I followed the key talks I hand-picked during the rest of the week-end.

      I think that a lot of conferences now have to look at how the FOSDEM team managed the conference because it was done right. Yes, the Q/A live stream was cutting here and there and jumping to different chatrooms to follow-up QA was sometimes cumbersome but heck, it was done right. For me, I think that I expected to much on my capacity to be a chatroom person when I just miss social contact. On the other side, talking in chatroom allowed to talk to people, I am convinced I will not be able or take the time/courage to talk IRL. So nothing is perfect but one should adapt and accept the limits of any system.

      Congrats again to the FOSDEM teams and volunteers, that was one hell of an event to manage!

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        Huge +1. Someone even reminded me before the weekend and I just couldn’t be bothered. Well ok, for one I’m not in the mood for talks right now (and going to FOSDEM would’ve been planned for 2-3 months already) but to me it also was mostly about meeting people I only see once a year (at FOSDEM) or connecting with former coworkers who also go once a year. Then the beer, the discussions in the bar, going round Brussels at night, visiting the hacker space - FOSDEM has always been about the hallway tracks and the booths and the people and not so much the talks you couldn’t attend because the room was full ;)