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    Looks like you’re at wemake. I haven’t had a chance to play [yet], so thought I’d ask: how does the flake8 configuration get along with automated formatters? It’d be nice if it got along easily with yapf (or black, or …).

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      I found a page that seems to have the information you’re looking for: Auto-formatters – wemake-python-styleguide. To summarize, wemake-python-styleguide is compatible with autopep8, isort, and add-trailing-comma, but it is not compatible with yapf or black.

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        Thanks for finding that link, good reading. While they explain why black isn’t going to work,

        black itself is actually not compatible with PEP8 and flake8

        they only explain that they weren’t able to come up with a yapf configuration that matched their choices

        If you have a working configuration for both yapf and wemake-python-styleguide, please, let us know!

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        Sorry, I have missed your question.

        We don’t support black or any other auto-formatters, but we are compatible with autopep8 and autoflake8 by design.

        Why don’t we support auto-formatters? Because we believe that developers should write code and pay maximum attention to the process. And a good linter eliminates the necessity of auto-formatters. Docs: https://wemake-python-stylegui.de/en/latest/pages/usage/integrations/auto-formatters.html