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    I’m impressed by the amount of effort you’ve put into bringing the community/random encounter side of a conference online as well. I’ve soured on online conferences this year, as my willingness to say “OK, I’ll buy a ticket for the cause” has dried up. And yet I find myself sad that I missed this one - it sounded like a great time.

    The idea of playing chatroulette with random conference-goers is great, and I hope that more conferences try new things like this.

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      Didn’t attend, but saw some of the videos that sounded interesting. Also live reading experience reports like this. It’s sad that even now, we still have to cobble together tools like this. And email deliverability is a huge issue.

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        The email part is tricky because every bigger email service just has a different set of rules to follow by. The first one being: Don’t send from a tiny AS, send it from a big email vendor you have to pay for to delivery (and test your emails for spam detection..)

        I’d suggest something like the CCC (chaos computer club) does and just let people keep links to their tickets. So example.com/ticket/<very long id> is the actual valid ticket with all the access links. This might be a little harder to integrate into other services (matrix,jitsi..) but should give a good start to at least give the users a valid access without having to rely on email.

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          I was sadly one of the speakers that had to drop out. It turns out that even a ten-minute talk is more work than I expected. Excited for the next one (if it happens).