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We have an incredible community here. I hope all of you are having a great week whether you celebrate Christmas or something else. I wish all of you the best this season, this year, and the next. :)

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    On the twelfth day of Christmas
    Lobsters linked for me:
    12 Docker toolings
    11 Python NeurNets
    10 Lines of J lang
    9 Framework Flamewars
    8 Learn the Monads
    7 "What's your week"ings
    6 Rust is Cool-ings
    5 License Rants
    4 Microcodes
    3 Reviews
    2 Tag Requests
    and a Post about Open B S D
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      10 Lines of J lang

      That’s an awfully long J program.

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      Thanks to everyone here, especially the sysops @pushcx, @alynpost for keeping my favourite online hangout going. A shoutout to those on IRC for all the great conversations beyond the stories and comments here. This is still my go-to place for my time online. There’s always a tab open with Lobste.rs.

      Happy holidays and to the community and here’s hoping for another great year.

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        Wait we have an IRC channel?

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          See https://lobste.rs/chat (linked via the About page).

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        Yes, Merry Christmas everyone! Glad to be part of a sane tech community. As a Christain the birth of Christ is central to my very identity as a human being, but being able to intersect on a Venn diagram with others who do not share my love and passion for Jesus is actually very important to me.

        The tech community is like family to me. Hope you all have a restful time as we wind down 2018, and may you all have a great 2019.

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          Merry Christmas fellow Lobsters!


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            Merry Christmas Lobsters, love you all!

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              Happy Christmas to all. May 2019 bring you all the computation you could wish for.

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                  Merry Christmas Lobsters. Love you all.

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                    Thanks for prgmr and delightful conversation!

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                    Happy holidays! 🎄🕎⛷

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                      Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄

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                        Happy holidays and new year, Lobsters! I love this community, I hope everyone has a great end of year. Cheers!