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    Mozilla uses corsica https://github.com/mozilla/corsica

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      Does anyone have any good diy dashboard for their home/office? Are people using Magic Mirror?

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        Grafana? Not really it’s ideal use case, but it works fine for me.

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          i’m writing one of those this week too. will make noises here when it’s done. i had to do this part first.

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            I have a DIY dashboard for my home, it’s running on top of Kubernetes and displayed using a Surface 3 mounted to a wall. Source code here: https://github.com/Xe/maison

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            I love the simplicity of the ‘place the unconfigured screen and connect to server -> server sets an ID cookie -> ID gets displayed on the screen -> admin walks by and now knows (screen location, screen ID) pairing -> admin configures display for ID a.k.a. location’ flow.

            (Looks a bit less simple when I try to write it out without skipping any information flow steps, but that’s because nothing stays simple when you keep breaking it down. If I were to write ‘connect to server -> observe ID on screen -> server admin configures what to display for that ID’ that would hit the main points and make the simplicity more obvious, probably.)