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    Not sure if I’d describe the effect as twisting my words. If I’m using messenger, I know how it’s likely to be presented. In response, I’m not going to be so verbose. I mean, if you talk to a stranger in a bar for three minutes, that’s fine, but leaving a three minute voicemail is definitely creeper like.

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      Quick nitpick: How do you know whether the other party is seeing the small popup chat, using messenger.com, getting a push notification, reading on their watch or in a tablet?

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        In my experience, one tends to plan defensively for the worst possible situation until you’re certain that it’ll be seen in a particular circumstance (not consciously, obviously).

        (in other words, I’d probably never do this on Messenger, and even if I did, I’d be sure to send it as a single message with newlines)

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          I assume they’re reading it on their phone, which is how nearly everyone I know reads messenger (except the few people I know using messenger.com at work). It’s pretty easy to start with “hey, great to meet you” and then ask the other person out after they reply with “same”.