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    The sort() function was using a bubble sort.

    Oh my.

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      I heard that in a George Takei voice.

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        A library function, not a one-off hack in a throwaway program.

        Remember this people when you see the next agitated rant on unimportance of algorithms from someone asked to do an array sort at an interview.

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        I wrote the compiler used internally by mumble company for their mumble language targeting their mumble product.

        That compiler had plenty of bugs. :)

        And one time (at a different company) we were having an issue with database updates to a SQLite database bizarrely failing in random circumstances. Turns out we found a bug in SQLite.

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          “Turns out we found a bug in SQLite.”

          Holy shit.

          (For those not aware of SQLite’s reliability, this article is might interesting: https://www.sqlite.org/testing.html)

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            This was the bug:


            Found by an engine generated by this:


            which produces some hairy SQL.

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          back when there was a comp.lang.c Usenet group

          Uh… pretty sure it’s still there…

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            I checked.

            You’re correct! https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/comp.lang.c

            I admit my eye was immediately drawn to the long threads where regulars appear to be having discussions with a Jehovah’s Witness, who is also a regular who weighs in on threads about C sometimes.

            Anyway, it still looks like a reasonably active group. That’s kind of cool.

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            That was interesting. If what we build thins with is broken, how can we build programs at all indeed.