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This is a guerrilla ad campaign, and Notifuse is pretty transparent about it. Regardless, free stickers are always nice so I am posting it here, even though I couldn’t find a tag that really fits.

Feel free to downvote as off-topic if you don’t think it belongs here, I’m interested to see what the community thinks of this kind of post.


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    I will take this opportunity to remind people that Lobsters stickers are also available (but not for free).

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      Is that 2.64 for one sticker?

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        Includes shipping

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      Now’s a good time for a reminder that spam catch addresses work well for junk mail, too. You wouldn’t believe the number of flyers and credit card offers I get addressed to my cat. ;)

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        Then you submit a change-of-address form to the post office (you’ll have to do it with the paper cards they have at the office, it won’t work online) with your cat’s name and “no forwarding address” as the new address. They’ll bounce that mail back to the sender and you won’t have to see it anymore.

        I have to do this a few times whenever I move to a new apartment and I get tired of seeing junk spam for people that haven’t lived there in many years.

        Of course you’ll still be subjected to the “… or Current Resident” spam.

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          Your cat doesnt have to receive any of that paper waste, you can opt out.

          Paper bullshit - https://www.dmachoice.org/ Credit Card offers - https://www.optoutprescreen.com/

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            Done that (for family and cat), made no difference.

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          Woah, where are my Eiffel and COBOL stickers at?

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            I’d really like to see some C, Haskell and APL stickers. I’d be on board with them :)

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              There are no stickers for C.

              Just bags under the eyes, tumors in the brain, scars on the soul.

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                I wanted a Perl one :)

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                  I know, the limited selection is kind of sad. I got 4 stickers: 2 python and 2 javascript.

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                  I guess this was more popular than they were expecting?

                  messages quota exceeded, please upgrade your plan

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                    I got that too, but it also marked as my email as having been used. So I’m going to guess that I’m not getting any stickers.

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                      The ‘Chuck Norris’ fact had me closing the page immediately.

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                        I don’t even understand the wording. Is it supposed to be “Chuck never $git push the repo before pull” or is this some stupid meme I’m not aware of?

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                          There’s a lot of…interesting English scattered across the page.

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                            He doesn’t have to push because it’s already pulled.