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    If you have any interest in this topic, I’d strongly recommend watching this presentation at SciPy 2015 where Viridis and Inferno were first presented, when the developers of Matplotlib were coming up with a new default colormap to replace Jet:


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      I still see banding in it, near cyan, although barely noticeable; both on desktop computer and phone.

      Quantized Turbo looks very similar to Material Design colors, hmm…

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        I feel a bit ashamed for not knowing there were so many different types of colorblindness. If you scroll to the bottom of the article there are examples of how things look for people with different conditions. I found that part particularly interesting.

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          Do you have an Android phone? You can turn on various colour blindness simulation modes under “simulate colour space” in the developer options. Then you can use the camera to look at real world objects with the simulation on.

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            No, I have an iPhone. That sounds cool, though. There’s probably an iOS app that does that, too.

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          If you want to experiment with some quantized color schemes with simulated data, I recommend checking out http://colorbrewer2.org.