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    I’ve never seen an environment go from “bad” to “good” and I’d be curious to know what that looks like and how it happens. Yossi Kreinin’s thesis is that only management can fix broken situations. That might be true, but I’m not quite ready to believe it just yet, even though I don’t have any evidence to the contrary.

    I have one client that went from this situation to a “good” one. They had a running business, but couldn’t move due to technical issues. (and those were huge) The fix was: fire the CTO, one of the CEOs and everyone who wasn’t ready to kill and replace every part of the system. Hire a new team with the explicit task of fixing everything. Give them mandate.

    This move was actually investor-driven and not internally driven.

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      I really like this story because the writing is really honest: he doesn’t beat around the bush. Things (life) can be messy, and not a straight line. He isn’t trying to sell me something, just share his experience. My favorite kind of blog. Also, I really appreciate he put Appendix B in there.