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    Oh, wow. I assumed this meant the iOS terminal emulator. But, no, Prompt is an organization with the goal of promoting open discussion of mental health in the tech industry. That’s a subject of pretty extreme personal importance to me. Concretely, it seems like they want to sponsor people who want to give talks at conferences, which sounds like an excellent idea.

    The article has this quote from the founder of Prompt:

    I also noticed a lot of companies building products for techies were marketing them as being a way “to make life easier”. I realised they were talking about making work easier, […]

    Thanks for posting this. It’s a case of something relevant and important to me that I wouldn’t have heard about otherwise. :)

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      That quote is an excellent observation.

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        Yeah, it’s been said a bunch at this point, but it needs to be said more. :)

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        I’m glad it resonated!