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I saw recently that OpenBSD relicenced their fork of gcc from GPLv2 to a more permissive license. I assume the guys there have done their homework and they’ve done nothing wrong.

Can I do that? Can I fork a GPL program and just slap Apache on it? What kinds of steps do I have to take to make it legal?

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    I’m pretty sure that was a joke, in protest to other things being relicensed without permission.

    IANAL, but you have to be the copyright holder in order to relicense something–this is why copyright assignment is often important for shared codebases.

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      Important to note there are two kinds of relicensing - due to being the copyright holder, and due to being permitted by the existing license. So, for example, the MIT or most versions of the BSD license can be replaced with the Apache or GPL, as long as the copyright notices are retained. But GPL cannot be relicensed this way to Apache; you would have to be the copyright holder in order to do this.

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      That was a joke in response to OpenSSL relicensing their code by assuming agreement if no contributors responded to object.

      AFAIK you need a legal sign off of every code contributor to change the license unless the project already made you fill out a CLA to accept your patches.