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    several over-broad generalisations, largely unjustified and probably (to the extent that they have meaning) incorrect. a slanted, conservative, out-of-date, uninformed view of “culture”, without nuance, is used to somehow demean a completely unconnected group of people.

    jazz is not linear. it does not have layers. who on earth is “above” or “below” christian scott? what does that even mean? and how can a culture hold disdain? does he really know no-one that cares about the history of pop culture? and of course mass market culture does dominate.

    rich old white guy is annoyed with something. compares it to brahms.

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      I think he was demeaning Brahms and Dvorák as sterile, “overdeveloped”, and in need of pop culture. So I don’t agree with your reading.

      No, wait, I’m wrong. He was demeaning Brahms and Dvorák’s predecessors, and saying that Brahms and Dvorák incorporated pop culture into high culture to revitalize it.

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        brahms and dvorak famously include gypsy tunes in their work. it’s the cultural equivalent of saying some of your best friends are gay before you make a homophobic joke.

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      From Interview with Alan Kay, the second grumpiest programmer in the world. (The first is Ted Nelson).

      More than Erik Naggum? I’m skeptical.

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        Erik is dead.