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    I love the reference to zombo.com :)

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      Any registers used in execution of prior emails may still be set, zero out the important parts!!!. Emails may or may not be executed in order. To guarantee that your results are true to your intention, zero out any registers first. This is a hand-run service, so please clearly prefix the subject line of your email with “(X86 EMU)” you may perhaps even add a reference number. However, please be aware that two email requests from different respondants with the same reference number may have their results swapped.

      This is absurd, I love it. How long before someone a) successfully pwns this computer or b) uses it to pwn someone else?

      Nothing about the execution environment (OS, system calls, etc) so I assume it’s sandboxed. Or maybe just waiting there to be discovered….

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        I’m pretty sure the execution environment is a person sitting at a desk

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          That’s how I would do it. Well, that’s how I did it, but it was Z80. I used to have a zx spectrum. Then I didn’t have it any more. But I still had some game code printouts. Si I would just follow them in my head and my notebook.

          Fun times.

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            Doesn’t mean they can’t be exploited…

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              Someone at a desk can be intteruptted…

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                Not if you execute the cli instruction and forget to follow up with sti. ;)

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                  If only people with ADHD could call cli :(