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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    I’m moving house today, but for the rest of the week my efforts in tech will all be getting poured into https://libera.chat/ . It’s been a tough couple of weeks but the community response has been incredible, and a double edged sword in affirming we made the right choice, and building a queue of hundreds of requests to help migrate projects and communities

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      I’ve been working on keeping a paper journal/diary. I have some better journals coming in tomorrow (right now I’m using something that Tailscale gave me in my swag box), but it’s kinda relaxing to keep things on paper again. I did that years ago but my parents discovered it and found out I was questioning my gender. It’s taken me a long time to get to the point where I feel comfortable keeping a paper diary again, but I’ve made it.

      This last week has been especially hard for me.

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        In personal time I’m developing a small game. It’s for a sort of small scale game “jam” between myself and three friends. We can’t tell each-other what we’re making, and indeed some may not even make games, but make applications or hardware instead. I can’t say much about mine in case they stumble on this post. But I have 20 days left to make it, and I’ve chosen to use an old programming language called BlitzMax. It’s fun, and I’m super enjoying being creative in my spare time with a language I don’t touch at work :D

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          I’ve chosen to use an old programming language called BlitzMax.

          I used the original Blitz Basic on the Amiga, and I’m not…old…oh…oh no.

          Seriously though, good luck!

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          I wrote a program that listens to GPS signals via a GPS module attached to my raspberry pi.

          There wasn’t much info on: identifying the satellite’s name (as in USA-309) from its PRN code. I’m still having trouble finding a programmatic way of consuming an authoritative source of PRN -> Satellite.

          It took around one day to hear all of the active 31 GPS satellites. As of writing, 12 are in view.

          I might go and update the Wikipedia pages for the satellites as some are out of date!

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            I’ve just spent the weekend rewriting moving my personal project from express to nextjs, and after finally getting the authorisation to work, everything else seems easy. Now I just need to rewrite everything else, and most importantly — educate the junior developer that I hired for my project (paying a small salary out of my own day-time salary) on React.

            I’ve founded and failed two companies, tried to build A LOT of personal projects over the years, but this one I truly feel confident about. I haven’t met a single person from my target audience that, after hearing about this idea haven’t told me that they would gladly pay for it. Many have actually gotten back to me a month or two after the conversation, asking me if I’ve already built it.

            Nextjs is great, by the way. May be I’m just in the honeymoon phase of adopting new technology, and will discover all the ugliness later, but last time I’ve seen a framework that seemlessly allowed sharing so much code between server and client was when Meteor came out. I’m a HTML purist that has javascript turned off everywhere by default, so being able to do SSR seemlessly is a godsend.

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              Wow! Gaining authorisation to work is a huge step. Huge congrats on being able to move forwards.

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              Hopefully submitting the alpha for a hobby project I’ve been working on for a month to Chocolatey (RPM/Deb builds may be coming?). I’ve never submitted to Chocolatey or any other package manager before. I’m horrible at finishing hobby projects, so I drew a “this is MVP” line in the sand, added GPL headers to everything, and have a chocolatey package built.

              It’s a tool for contextual-based code search so you can incrementally add/remove filters as you search when looking through large code-bases. The alpha’s pretty rough, but it’s been working well for me locally so I figured I need to package it up and ship to get the real “this is how it feels as an opaque installed program” feel.

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                Going to try writing my first linux kernel module, a pseudo-device driver. This will be the second thing I’ve written in C.

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                  I work 80% these days to get some more family time. Today we’ve been to our allotment (“community garden” for the NA folks) which we’ve rotavated recently and neglected a couple weeks and oh boy is there a lot of weeding to do! We’ve got a camper van with cooking facilities so we’ve been able to stay all day, hanging out reading adventure time comics with my son between bouts of weeding.

                  At work this week I’m expecting more detail planning on the next phase of $project. We’re currently bootstrapping all the infrastructure we know we’ll need and getting a no-op deploy to prod so we can iterate quickly once we start adding the actual application logic.

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                    Camper van by the allotments sounds like absolute bliss

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                    • Recovering from a painful foot (no real idea, it’s swollen and painful to touch. Woke up with it like this. Humph.)
                    • Cleaning up old infrastructure, cathartic.
                    • Planning out evolution of infrastructure, deployment and how we manage stateful services like databases within whatever we evolve into
                    • Continuing to poke NixOS in the homelab, got Consul/Nomad cluster up and running on it over the weekend so now to move some actual workloads into it. (On a server I own this time, rather than a borrowed box 🤣)
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                      A few weeks ago I mentioned working on moving from pfSense to an OpenBSD router here. Took a bit of tinkering to get everything configured just right, but it just works. Backups are done using restic and tarsnap. Last night I just tested restoring configuration files to a different machine, so next is to write a script to “automate” that so it’s a bit easier/faster. Still deciding if I am going to use a tarball or a git repository. Once this is all done I will have to write a blog post of some sort using my notes so I can share with others that may be interested in doing the same.

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                        Curious as to why are you using restic and tarsnap for backups? In my understanding, there’s quite an overlap in features between the two of them, no? Or are using them for different datasets?

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                          True. Restic was so I could try rsync.net, just recently opened an account there. I hadn’t used tarsnap before, so this was a good reason to try it out. The total size of all the config files I am backing up is pretty small (few megabytes) and since both restic and tarsnap have deduplication, the cost of keeping both is relatively low, but eventually I will probably just pick one of the two to keep it simple.

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                        Attending a sleep school/program with my young < 1 y/o son.

                        At some point in all our lives we learned how to sleep. It’s absolutely wild.

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                          Aside from work, I’ll probably start sketching out a more technical sketch/essay I’d like to do about function returns. I think it’s possible to start with a VN tape and end up with algebraic effects, and that’d be a fun trip to take. Also I’ll probably do another of my Nerd Roundups, where I find some technical friends and talk about tech news of the past week.

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                            After too many interruptions, I’m close to finishing latest round of updating all my ebooks. Should be able to do it within 2-3 days, but I won’t be surprised if something comes along to disrupt yet again.

                            And then, if time permits, I have to get started on pending blog posts. Or may be work on a bash+awk script to implement cut-like command syntax with regexp based field separator and other goodies.

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                              Still working on the eloquent Python to Javascript transpiler. I integrated it with pyanalyze so I can follow the callgraph and fix the call convention to use object packing/unpacking where keywords arguments are being used (as javascript doesn’t support keyword arguments..). This week I’ll probably keep adding to the integration, so I can translate operations correctly based on type (for example, += needs to be translated differently, if it’s an int or a list)

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                                I’m trying to get NixOS set up on my ppc64le Talos! The NixOS Discourse forum has been helpful, although there are still plenty of rough edges. There are a couple of people using Nix, and at least one person who has managed to install NixOS itself.

                                I would love to also get ZFS on root if I can manage it, but I should probably start with ext4 to avoid blowing my project complexity budget. I think petitboot’s Linux kernel is too old to support ZFS natively, but a separate /boot partition might work, or I could get crazy and try to rebuild petitboot with a different kernel. If this page is accurate, then Petitboot uses Linux 5.3 which could be compatible with OpenZFS.

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                                  • Working on the syntax for a more readable/“breathable” text matcher/regex alternative
                                  • Messing about with some Rust
                                  • Revisiting the typeup parser to squash some bugs
                                  • Reading up on parsing.
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                                    Trying to build self confidence. I need to find work, but my particular level of anxiety makes it veeerrrry difficult. I’m going to look into usergroups/meetups to force myself out there…but I’m not looking forwards to it. Networking is probably on of the most difficult activities for me. But society says I need it…

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                                      Starting to directly play with concurrency tools in Rust in WASM. I haven’t ever directly leveraged the low level tools in Rust to actually optimize my algorithms, and even though my code is very fast already, I’m exceedingly excited to see how much faster we can be. It was also a huge pain to get all the pieces of our web build pipeline to properly bundle our code to leverage these newish tools like WASM in Web Workers and the shared memory API.

                                      I’m also going to try to get back into tracking my goals and tasks with Notion.

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                                        Working on an authoring-only client for Mastodon and other ActivityPub-compatible servers. I wanted something that let me compose and sends posts without the temptation of an endless feed. Moving social media off of my phone made the pain of that app’s absence all the more acute.

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                                          Colour me interested

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                                            Time to relearn everything I forgot about OAuth2, as well.

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                                            I’m writing a multiplayer game set in the Fallout 2 universe, and recording a screencast course on how to write a property-based testing library (of the Hypothesis variety, not QuickCheck) from scratch.

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                                              I recently saw a (very old) TUI IDE and I’m wondering what I need to build to make a more modern one. For now I’m working towards something akin to tmux for Windows, where VT output can be rendered to an offscreen surface then composed into panes/windows/whatever. Most Windows processes don’t really use VT, but it still seems sufficient to capture and display the output of a compiler or other build tool.

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                                                I’m doing some development sprints for my Secure Scuttlebutt WebExtension called Patchfox. I just got it running on Chromium-based browsers and Safari. I started this project in 2018 and focused only on Firefox, now I’ll expand it to the other browsers as well.