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A really fun writeup that talks a bit about low-level canvas operations. It gets a bit horrendous in the performance, but the exploration itself is quite wonderful.


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    I really enjoyed reading this. I loved how conversational and fun it was and how you started from a good base and then worked your way up to the answer. Also (although it was a little confusing at first) giving me tastes of the final product as I was reading was really good too, it kept me engaged. You’d be surprised (or not) at how many blog posts get this wrong – they’ll just ramble on and then before you know it you’re in skimming mode and you just want to know the answer and GTFO. But this was a nice balance of “okay, here’s some technical stuff, hold on to your britches” and “let’s take a look at what we just made!” I’ll definitely use this as an example!

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      Really nice walkthrough of pixel manipulation in a canvas image.

      I’m crazy about pixel manipulation and canvas, and have a class that I use as my goto for this which I always end up copying and pasting between projects: https://github.com/binarymax/guilloche/blob/master/pixels.js

      Maybe I should make it a separate lib for people to use.

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        Ah nice. A similar minimal one I’ve seen is here.

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        I’ve never understood where the colors come from in traditional trippy-fractal renderings, this is great. It doesn’t work in Safari or Mobile Safari though, probably because he used **2 to square numbers.

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          Oooooh, I thought I had already fixed that particular problem

          I will test it on Safari more when I spruce it up for part two maybe though.

          Yeah! The color generation is so interesting, I was most curious about that too.