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This is the weekly thread to discuss what you have done recently and are working on this week.

Please be descriptive and don’t hesitate to champion your accomplishments or ask for help, advice or other guidance.

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    Finished and published 4 articles documenting how I set up my small PBX to allow incoming/outgoing calls and hook up touch-tone and rotary phones via two different analog telephone adapters.

    This week I hope to continue some collaboration work with a BGP darknet project I’m involved with, and start a new project similar to Networks of New York, but featuring Philadelphia.

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      Free and open source Tableau alternative that generates Python Pandas code. Still in early stages but I’d love to bounce some ideas around if you know anything about IPython.

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        If you’d like some feedback: when I first opened the website I tried dragging a couple of things into the big white gap at the bottom of the screen and nothing happened so I got a bit confused. Is it a graphical editor for designing charts?

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        Finishing my last week at the business team and returning to the core-team at current work.

        Contributing to different projects and suggesting changes found by go-critic.

        Pushing 1.5 projects forwards and maaaybe visiting a movie theater this week.

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          • Starting to look for Rails web dev work after a break: Chicago or remote, preferring part-time contract but we’ll see what shows up. Appreciate any connections folks can make.
          • Got some good practice with Ardour by editing down a long Zencastr call with a friend, using this workflow. Next steps for the podcast are plumbing: domain name, homepage, feed, scheduling, ruthlessly cutting scope.
          • Started making Anki cards from my Haskell notes. The first four chapters (with lots of terms that want to slip away from me like “weak head normal form”) became 85 cards. I wish I’d done this as I was studying at Recurse, but at least this is an easy task to start-and-stop that I can fit into scheduling gaps.
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            I guess this isn’t really what I’ve done but more something I’d like to be doing this week.

            I’ve been thinking recently about working on some sort of game programming. It’s something I’ve wanted to since I first started playing games, but until I worked as a software developer I really didn’t have the programming skill to do it, and while I was working as a software developer I really didn’t have any interest in programming in my own time. Now that I’m studying again (maths, for anyone interested) it seems like a good idea.

            But I always struggle with how to start. I open vim and look at the blank page and just go hmm, where do you start? I’ll sometimes have an idea, and it’ll involve some sort of graph of world objects, and then I’ll go down the rabbit hole of data structures in Haskell with backwards links in them (tying the knot) and never get anything done.

            Any suggestions?

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              Off to Edinburgh for my last visit in my current job. Still got a couple more weeks until I actually leave, but this was the latest I could make it up to see everyone in the office & say goodbye^W have a good night out.

              Also finally got my desk in my office, so now I need to engineer a solution to mount my screen onto a monitor arm. The arm has a VESA mount, the screen does not. (I suspect I’ll just sell the screen and buy a replacement with a VESA bracket.)

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                I turn in my my final draft of Practical TLA+ on Wednesday.

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                  I just turned in my final draft.