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    “You won’t believe #3!”

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      I liked the article because it claims that most of the people wouldn’t know what comes but I knew most of the mentioned paradigms already. Now I feel proud and read about Plaid, because that one is really new to me.

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        I’m selfish in this regard, but I’m disappointed that they covered FORTH and Joy, but left out Factor. I’d even have settled for something like PISC or Kitten. Modern Stack languages have come a long way, even from other “modern” ones like Joy, and I’m concerned sometimes that FORTH turns people off before they have a chance to look.

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          I felt the same when I read that. How can you mention concatenative languages without Factor. Manfred Von Thun, creator of Joy, even praised Factor as a modern concatenative language. He wrote this a few weeks before he passed away. Although I too may be biased as I worked on Factor libraries.

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          another very interesting paradigm is pure’s term-rewriting

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            +1 to dependent types - I’ve been playing with Idris for a few months and it’s been a great, mind-bending experience.