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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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    My employer has a PTO policy of “use it or lose it”, and my anniversary comes up this Monday. So, I took the past week-and-a-half off. My mom and step-dad flew out to help us renovate our bathroom. This weekend, I plan to completely finish the renovation. I need to seal a few cracks and install new moulding. My wife needs to paint. And then the renovation will be complete.

    I’m also hoping to spend some time with my new bike (of the pedal variety). Yesterday (Thursday), I biked a marathon distance in a singular ride for the first time in over a decade. Each time I ride, I try to go at least one mile further than the previous ride. So I’m hoping to get to 27-28 miles.

    On the HardenedBSD side of things, there’s a freakton of administrative work that I need to accomplish. We’re now going into the fifth month and I’ve yet to complete any financials for 2022. My focus has mostly been on code and infrastructure, so it’s time to get caught up in the administrative side of things.

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      Having some friends over to celebrate my birthday, and then getting ready for my first business trip since the start of the pandemic. Blargh.

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        I’m heading to the San Juan Islands for a few days to do some sightseeing and relaxing. After that, I’ll keep enjoying some free time in between jobs.

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          I’m fried, so I don’t promise that this will happen. (That is, I don’t even promise myself!)

          I really like the look of Hush (Lobsters discussion), and I’d like to create basic {neo,}vim support for it (filetype detection, a syntax file and indentation).

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            Bought a skateboard last week to get back into skateboarding after 10 years. Local park has a nice bowl. Excited to be outside and doing something healthy.

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              doing something healthy

              Break a leg!

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              Meeting up with ex-colleagues/friends for the first time in 8 months, should be a blast. Hopefully getting rid of the last vestiges of a cold I’ve picked up this week too (first time I’ve ever been glad to just have a cold, and not the ’rona). Late Sunday, flying to Greece for a fortnight of sailing.

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                • a monthly happy hour hosted by recent friends of ours which pulls together poets and programmers and sundry other sorts of thinkers and nerds
                • hopefully continuing to work a bit on a large scale orchestral work I’ve been writing for about a year now
                • maybe poking a bit more at my in-progress branch to update pulldown_cmark to support the “standard” Markdown footnote style (which is the only thing blocking me from getting my website off of 11ty at this point)
                • the usual family time
                • my daughters’ end-of-semester piano recital
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                  Vacation to the lake side with partner and dog. It’s just a long weekend but hopefully it will be relaxing as hell.

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                    I’m working on my fantasy system design project. The specific part I’m working on is a Rust crate to do a kind of limited staged metaprogramming, which I need to exist so that I can use it to do a specific kind of refactoring I have needed to do for years at the use site of my define_chip macro.

                    Fantasy system design project here: https://github.com/flaviusb/fantasy-cpu-emulator

                    Start of the new crate here: https://github.com/flaviusb/do-with-in

                    Motivating gist example of what I want to be able to do here: https://gist.github.com/flaviusb/cb1d84a89005a5b42eaa6fcf3dd2dc4c

                    I’ve also got some fairly urgent housekeeping tasks, and some panic over things happening at my employer. So, a busy weekend.

                    Edit: edited to add newlines, correcting a detail

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                      I’m hacking a Xiaomi AX6S router with OpenWrt that I imported. I just got the firmware flashed successfully, but there’s all the setup and I still need to go get an ISP in my place.

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                        Apparently being knocked out by hay fever. It takes me by surprise every year, as every year brings different symptoms. Between naps I’m reading the just-published second instalment of the Final Architecture trilogy.