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    If anyone is looking for a non trivial example, there is a port of jasmine to io which is very readable.

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      There is a chapter on io in the first Seven Languages in Seven Weeks and it is available online as an excerpt PDF.

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        I can very much recommend it, playing with Io was a lot of fun to get introduced to OOP concepts when taken to the extreme.

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        Back in the earlier days of io I got a Symbian port working: https://bluishcoder.co.nz/radio/2004/09/06.html

        It was a great little language for on device hacking.

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          My first reaction is that the name is rather egregiously unsearchable.

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            In 2002, what really was searchable? Google existed, but wasn’t great. Directories were even still a thing then.

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              Yeah I think Go should be an example on how NOT to choose a name for a language (I call it “Golang” all the time because of that)