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    Furthermore, I am of the opinion we need a UI/UX tag

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      Oh how naming can deceive someone. Apparently it’s not exclusive to KDE and also works on my current phone OS: Sailfish.

      Looks like a fun thing to try out.

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        iOS and macOS basically do all of these same things, built-in. It’s great to see these useful things get pulled out of the Apple world.

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          webOS had this way before Apple and iOS did. You could receive phone calls from your webOS phone on your webOS tablet, it was quite great actually since the webOS tablet behaved more like a desktop than a tablet. It was a full Linux machine, you could have all the nice terminal stuff and do real work with it while still answering calls and so on.

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            That’s awesome!! YAY webOS. did they have a desktop component as well, i.e. do these things across some desktop OS and webOS?

            The Apple ecosystem, you can do this across all of the Apple devices, phones, tablets, tv and desktops/laptops. There are definitely disadvantages to the walled garden ecosystem, but there are advantages too, stuff like this just works, seamlessly across the entire ecosystem.

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          Was really impressed when I tried it as well, and then letdown because my private mobile phone isn’t ever on the same wifi as my company laptop.

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            This really is the biggest limitation. At the office, I actually can connect my mobile to the company wifi and use KDE Connect. But at home, my mobile is my wifi connection (via the phone’s hotspot feature). In this configuration, KDE Connect does not work.