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    This looks really neat, but I think I’d probably only actually use 10% of it. I was a console kid and an arcade rat, and I play emulated stuff all the time, but I’ve never had the desire for an emulated bezel or a CRT filter. My monitor is large but I want the game to fill as much of that as possible and nothing else. With actual CRTs being increasingly harder to lay hands on, it’s cool that we can simulate them to show how the game originally looked, but as far as actually playing something goes, I prefer my pixels unfiltered.

    I’m not sure if I’m unusually minimalist in this regard, or just a philistine and/or a poor preservationist. Maybe it is a generational thing? Am I completely unsentimental about bezels and CRTs because they were the norm when I was a kid?

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      This is my favourite comparison for crisp vs CRT : https://twitter.com/CRTpixels/status/1408451743214616587

      I don’t care about the bezel either, but a lot of of the older, detailed graphics were made for the CRT display. Just scaling them up to a modern display gives you a massively different view than what the original artists created.

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        I’m aware of that; I’ve seen the comparisons. I still can’t stand playing with a CRT filter - my eyes blur things enough on their own :)

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          I’m scrolling through this account, and the only instances where I find myself preferring the CRT image are early 3D-era PlayStation games; the textures and the models there seem to need all the help they can get, and the CRT blur works in their favor as a primitive kind of FSAA. For the 2D stuff that’s just sprites, the sharp images just look better to me, regardless of any artistic intent. The CRT looks muddy and washed out, and I can’t stand the banding.