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    Nice article, couldn’t help but think of this service that was posted here recently that I’m still enamored by: https://pglet.io/

    It’s sort of like the future of no-code/low-code that I never imagined.

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      The only “scripting language” GUI toolkit that I can bear to use is racket/gui because of how easy to set up the development environment (you download DrRacket) and to (cross-)compile a dependency-free executable (click some things in DrRacket or use raco exe). I don’t think I’ve ever seen another language where all of this stuff is as easy as in Racket. Usually you have to install some external library that probably has to build some native modules (good luck figuring that out on Windows!) and the only way to bundle an app for Windows is to be on Windows and bundle it from there. I really can’t blame the coworkers here, I hate having to install dependencies as well.