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    I loved that plot twist :D

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      I wish he’d made his CSVs available to download so I could see what other days were particularly good/bad to fly…

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        There is a midsummer dip I want to investigate

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        I’ve flown on Christmas day or Chistmas Eve before – same idea.

        Travel is very seasonal and you will get significantly better rates and experience if you travel when others don’t.

        You should be able to just use the price as a gauge of popularity, and without even measuring Wi-Fi. Tickets on Thanksgiving day and Christmas Eve/Day are much cheaper, because there’s less demand. Airline pricing is very finely tuned so this shows up pretty clearly.

        Also Tuesdays seem to be cheaper. A very common business flight is to fly out Sunday night or Monday morning, and then return to your home city on Friday. If you fly on Tuesdays and Saturdays, you can get a cheaper rate than by following the traditional business traveler schedule.

        This is pretty apparent if you just go on Orbitz or any of the other aggregators, and sort by price!

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          Cute! I love how much is available through FOIA requests.