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    I’m very glad to see replies back. Thanks to everyone who works and supports this site for free and in their spare time.

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      Agreed with the kind words above. I had 105 unread replies, great to see that working again!

      What does the traffic option do?

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        What does the traffic option do?

        The shade of red of the “L” logo in the top-left corner changes depending on how much traffic the site gets. If you hover your mouse you see the number (currently: 20%). This is based on the min() and max() of votes, comments, and stories of the last 90 days in 15-minute blocks. Details.

        I personally never quite understood why this is useful though.

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          For growth hackers to find the perfect time to post :)

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            Where’s the flag option for “uncomfortable truth I don’t want to hear”? :P

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            It doesn’t have to be useful to be fun to implement ;)

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              Not particularly useful… Notably interesting, somewhat charming.

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          So, when and why we were attempted to migrate away from mardiadb? And to what database system?

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            pushcx can provide a better summary but tl;dr when the site was moved off of prgmr, it was decided to use DO’s hosted MySQL offering. Unfortunately, it was slow and missing query optimizations.