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    Only tangentially related, but Salesforce is basically SAP for a lot of smaller companies, and if you haven’t had the opportunity to, I would highly recommend trying out Salesforce Trailhead (a learning program for using Salesforce), in particular for coding in the environment.

    Lots of people while about SFDC but it’s basically the Smalltalk environment everyone talks about. Very strong linking between UIs and the code that displays them, class browsers, lots of debugging capabilities… it’s very powerful.

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      Picking an arbitrary horrible business tool segment (and there are plenty of these!) and doing it properly is one of my silly fantasies. Basecamp kinda pulled it off in a certain segment, and that’s what I’d ideally like it to be like.

      The problem of ERP is that it’s apparently is very ill-defined, and potentially contains pretty much everything related to businesses, and is heavily reliant on auditing. The first part could be fixed by “Basecamping” it, i.e. being heavily opinionated about how to do it and not budging due to customer pressure. The second part might be quite a lot more difficult. Perhaps automate auditing at the same time? :)

      Yes, definitely a silly fantasy.