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    Can someone explain why this email is an incredible internet wide sensation?

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      Personally, I’ve been annoyed by this behaviour for years and just assumed I’d done something wrong. Finding out that it’s a widely-known problem, and that it’s not my fault, was tremendously validating.

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        In my experience if you have used Solaris or a BSD professionally you’ll quickly observe this when you are forced to run Linux in production. The memory management of Linux is just awful.

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        My guess is because at the surface level it is easy to understand the problem and people feel like it is a ‘gotcha’ on a successful project, which is entertaining I guess.

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          The discussion on this on the orange website is terrible. The issue in the email is on systems with no swap that the kernel may thrash when forced into paging clean pages of code in and out in order to function. 90% of the discussion on the other site is about how terrible swapping is.

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          People tend to like performance improvements and this email may lead to better performance in some edge cases