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    This looks like a pretty cool tool.

    Though while it’s completely tangential, because this particular README was full of them, I have to say I’m really not a fan of the recent trend toward screen-captures as looping gifs in READMEs. It seems the pace is always wrong (usually too fast for a person unfamiliar with it to really follow what’s going on), and combined with the lack of ability to adjust the speed or pause it, and it often being fairly non-obvious where the end/start cut is, I usually end up feeling that the presentation as a whole would be much better if they were simply removed (and better still if replaced by a well-written verbal description or shell transcript).

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      Totally agree and I think asciinema is a good alternative for terminal captures. Also a mixture of images and descriptions are very nice.

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      If you want something that’s not Linux/Intel only and has a non-web GUI for viewing traces (which is a nice way of saying won’t choke on traces larger than a few MB), I can very highly recommend tracy