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    IIRC, Mercurial has something called “patch queues”, which I think was basically a way to mold commits in a similar vein as in git. Though personally I found the interface confusing enough, that I didn’t manage to wrap my head around it at the time when I was still using Mercurial (quite long ago). I find it weird that the article seems so quick to criticise Mercurial while the author apparently only recently just started learning it, and seems to basically have no idea what they’re talking about in this aspect. (Just to make it clear, other than that, I do agree with the general idea of “shaping a story out of commits” that seems to be elaborated in the rest of the article.)

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      So they use mercurial at google? That surprises me. What’s the advantage?

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        Facebook: https://code.facebook.com/posts/218678814984400/scaling-mercurial-at-facebook/ [tl;dr: “clean, modular, [extensible] Python[, and] developer community is actively helping us”]

        Google: http://www.primordia.com/blog/2010/01/23/why-google-uses-mercurial-over-git/ [tl;dr: “[efficient HTTP protocol, less powerful but easier to use than Git]”]

        (via) Also, remembering the times, I think when Google made the decision it was not yet so clear cut that GitHub would popularize Git so much over Mercurial. Hm, from further reading, I’m backing off with this, I’m finding a lot of unclear hints about the timeline at Google. I’m now actually becoming even more curious for some better quality info.

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          Internal usage of Mercurial at Google only became widespread over the past couple of years. I’ve been at Google since 2011, lived thorough the migration from Perforce to Piper & had never heard of this decision between Hg & Git from 2010!

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          Mostly the ability to customize it. After Facebook made significant performance improvements to Hg, it became more feasible to use it. Git always had the performance but Google needed to make some adaptations to the tooling so it could integrate with all the internal dev infra & this was much easier to do with Hg.

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