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    Can any lobsters using HTTPie explain what drew them away from curl or what about curl pushed them to HTTPie?

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      I haven’t been using it for long but for me the nicest thing so far is being able to see the whole response: headers, body, and all of it syntax-highlighted by default. The command-line UI is a little nicer as well, more clear and intuitive.

      It will probably not replace my use of curl in scripts for automation, nor will it replace my use of wget to fetch files.

      Now if someone took this and built an insomnia-like HTTP client usable from a terminal window, then we’d really have something cool.

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        I’m guessing you mean this Insomnia. Looks cool. Good example of an OSS product, too, given most features people would want are in free one.

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        I use both depending on circumstance (more complex use cases are better suited for curl IMO), but the significantly simpler, shortened syntax for HTTPie as well as the pretty printing + colorization by default for JSON APIs is pretty nice.

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          I wouldn’t say I’d been ‘pushed away’ from curl, I still use curl and wget regularly, but httpie’s simpler syntax for request data and automatic coloring and formatting of JSON responses makes it a great way to make quick API calls.

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            I like short :8080 for local host syntax.

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              It’s all in how you like to work. Personally I enjoy having an interactive CLI with help and the like, and the ability to build complex queries piecemeal in the interactive environment.

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                Sensible defaults and configurability.

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                  I need a command line HTTP client rarely enough that I never managed to learn curl command line flags. I always have to check the manual page, and it always takes me a while to find what I want there. I can do basic operations with HTTPie without thinking twice and the bits I need a refresher on — usually the syntaxes for specifying query parameters, form fields or JSON object fields — are super fast to locate in http --help.

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                    curl is the gold standard for displaying almost anything including tls and cert negotiation. i use bat mostly now though for coloured output and reasonable json support. https://github.com/astaxie/bat