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I’m arriving around 18:00 today, hanging around either at Entropolis or in the kitchen.

Say hello!

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    For those of you also puzzling over this message: it’s a meet up organized by a computer hobbyist club (Chaos Computer Club) in a town in Germany. Sounds like fun.

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      a meet up organized by a computer hobbyist club

      … with 16000 attendees. :-)

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        Ah, not so much fun then.

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        rofl, computer hobbyist club.

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          It kinda is. It is somewhat amateurish which adds to its charm. Supported by many volunteers.

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            I think this needs to be put into some context, because of people often meaning different things with hobbyist, amateur and professional. This is not to disagree or to defend anything, but to maybe counter wrong impression. Obviously this is biased by my own impressions.

            It’s not professional in the sense that nobody tries to sell you stuff and that people are volunteers. Correct.

            Similar to most Python, Ruby, Go, Cloud, JavaScript, Kubernetes, etc. conferences talks in the majority are introduction talks geared towards beginners, especially if you look at the main stages. I think that might be related to them usually having good recording equipment and bigger audiences. I think on average it gives a more professional impression than many clearly professional conferences, when ignoring outliers.

            However, it’s not true in the sense that you’ll only find people that only do computers in the context of it being a hobby. You tend to meet a lot of security professionals if you go there. You will find in-depth talks on side stages. You will mostly find highly experienced people, working in the field of security, if you attend the conference and walk around while talks are going. Especially, but not only in the assemblies area or if you volunteer.

            As for the club. It’s hard to call it hobbyist based on the work the do (education in schools, political hearings, work for press, etc.). But then again of course that is largely a hobby. It is also correct if you take the fact that the majority of members is hobbyist.

            It tends to feel very professional (as in things working, also on large scale and not by chance) on the organizational, size and infrastructure side of things.

            A thing that’s not really related to this, but might stand out: Despite the size people largely are nice to each other and oddly for such a size have that family/community feel.

            Also the conferences are very political overall. I’d claim this is to be due to them being a hacker conference. So things that are largely part of the views of people one calls hackers extended to areas touching these, focus on freedoms, working together, etc. and then of course gaining contact and mixing with similar political movements. With political I don’t necessarily mean governments of countries, but on the society and human interaction levels. That doesn’t mean there are no conservative people at all, but they obviously are only a fraction of the attendants and shrinking.

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              Fair. I was too lazy to spell it out in this detail on my phone.

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          I’m there! Will arrive at about 18h as well. DECT 6776 & 6767

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            Together with @eloy, @gregory and me!

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            At sigsegv/milliways. Got Arch Linux stickers and running the Arch meetup tomorrow (27th @ 20:00)!

            Come say hi :)

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              Make sure to visit the local Tech Worker Coalition stand. We are always eager to connect

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                  Had to cancel for this year. Have fun everyone!

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                    Here are the livestreams: https://streaming.media.ccc.de/36c3

                    A link to recordings is at the bottom.

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                      I’ll be running around, probably hanging out at the Rust, AfRA, milliways and Gentoo assemblies

                      Feel free to DM / email t@jujit.su if you want to learn about Rust (I’m a trainer and I’ve taught workshops for Mozilla and others), database engineering, lock-free programming, distributed systems, etc… I have a lot of fun at these events by helping newcomers get started!

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                        The Rust assembly doesn’t show up in the wiki on the list of assemblies – intentional?

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                        Slight OT: the event just seems kind of poorly timed to me… most people are spending times with their family around now, and travel is a mess around this time because of the Christmas rush.

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                          I suspect it’s because it has student roots? Lots of students have free time around now, and might be travelling for holidays anyway.

                          (I’m just wildly guessing, I know nothing about C3 or German academic holiday traditions).

                          Edit: besides, it’s the Chaos Computer Club, not “Easy for Suits to Attend” Computer Club.

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                            It is happening between Christmas and New Year since 36 years and it is constantly growing. 10 years ago it was ~2000 people, now already 16000. Seems like the timing is not so bad after all.

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                              Damn. Do hotel rooms book up like … the day after the conference is over?

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                                I went last year and I found it pretty easy to get a room near Leipzig HbF (a single 30m tram ride from the event). It’s big, but it’s also held in cities.

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                                  If it took you 30m from Hbf, you took the wrong train. :-)

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                                    Well yes. He didn’t take a train, he took the tram! Which is sometimes quicker depending where you are.

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                                      Heh, it’s been a year, time enough to forget the finer details of the trams. I only found out in August that the wristband was good for the S-bahn in addition to the tram.

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                                    The day after is NYE, which is still high season for travel.

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                                      You only get tickets through vouchers or the ticket queue (which is basically a lottery) in october/november, but once that’s over, hotel rooms are booked within of seconds.

                                      Right now even hotels kilometers away from everything else are booked out.

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                                        Ticket queue is actually very manageable: get a couple friends, use a wired connection, refresh the page a bit before the opening time (there’s an HTTP keep-alive on the server (*)), then refresh continously right before the opening time, stop when the page content is different and solve the very simple captcha (last time: clicking on leipzig on a map).

                                        (*) HTTP keep-alive helps with latency but that doesn’t matter that much if you’re refreshing continously right before the opening time; but when they introduced the queue and the system was crawling through requests, opening your connection 10 minutes earlier and keeping it open was profitable.

                                        As for hosting, I got fed up with leipzig: everything is now non-cancellable, prices have increased a lot (it’s probably one of the few cities where prices for nights on the 29th are higher than those for the 31th), and the city wasn’t very cooperative either (it took 3 years to get classrooms for people who can’t afford better rooms). Really feels like they’re trying to milk as much as possible from the participants, which is a shame considering how much the city earns without having to try to get more.

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                                    People had 36 years to prepare their families for the event. :-)

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                                    Arriving tomorrow morning and will probably hang out at the Belgian Hackerspaces assembly.

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                                      I’m going for the first time but don’t have any specific plans. Hoping to wander around and check out cool stuff.

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                                        I am there and will likely stroll around the whole time. There will be a lot of soldering workshops, e.g. SMD assembly for beginners, and they are very quickly sold out, so if you want to attend some of the workshops try to register today (here c3nav).

                                        edit: formatting