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    Managed high-performance runners for Github Action release buildjet.com

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    It’s a shame it’s Ubuntu-only. GitHub Act Runner supports a lot of different platforms and that would be a great way of differentiating the service. The author of this is fantastic and has added a feature that I asked for that makes this easier for a hosted operation, where a single runner can be registered for many different projects.

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      We’re working on Windows support. macOS is a bit harder to commercialise, but we’re definitely trying to figure it out.

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        I’d love to see FreeBSD support, for example, since this is something that GitHub doesn’t support in any way. I’ve written some scripts that support it for our self-hosted runners, using ZFS to roll back the runner state to a pristine jail after each run.

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          We currently run the infrastructure with the official action runner, which unfortunately doesn’t support FreeBSD. As soon as they do, we’ll add it!

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            I’ve talked to folks on the runner team. They won’t support it until they have official support for .NET Core, the .NET Core team won’t support anything until they have CI support for it. It’s a circular dependency that is unlikely to be broken any time soon.