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I’m posting here due to its interesting use of Intel SGX.


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    Great to see these privacy-oriented chat apps listening to community feedback.

    Just a week ago, Wire open sourced their server when one of the biggest complaints against them had been that the server was closed source and not self-hostable. Well, in fairness still not quite self hostable yet, as they admit on the GitHub repo:

    Self hosting and federation is on our long term roadmap.

    And now Signal working on this private contact discovery feature is great, since arguably the biggest privacy hole has been that you have to upload your contact list to their server. From the post, though, it’s clear that doing it right involves some difficult technical hurdles.

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      A somewhat related question: is there any problem in revealing whether a number is a signal number?

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        Hah, well, I have a personal problem with revealing that, although it’s unrelated to Signal’s primary use-case.

        My problem is that Signal auto-added a number of people who I never intend to talk to again, including a former therapist from years ago. It honestly feels really intrusive.