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    Can anyone summarize what the product is. It says they bring cloud scale to premises. Not quite sure what they are targeting.

    The core problem cloud solves is that computational needs can be very bursty and it makes less economic sense to have permanent computing resources which meet the peak but remain idle the rest of the time.

    The only niche I can think of them exploiting is the gray zone where the need is bursty, but on a longer time scale, where it becomes very expensive to rent cloud computing and data transfer, so they could be carting around computers physically, say in a truck, and delivering them on site for say three months. The user slips in their hard disks full of data, does their computing, then slips out the hard disks, and the company drives the truck of servers away.

    But I see actual companies are already exploiting that niche (search for “mobile data center” or “containerized data center”)

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      Press release, flagged.

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        Since when are announcement articles for new products/companies/software not allowed? I love how this community has gone from something amazing jcs@ created to a complete comment and flagging shit show over the years!

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          Sorry you feel that way.

          Unfortunately, since the site’s founding a lot has happened in growth hacking techniques and norms. Given the slow pace of the Lobsters frontpage as well as the valuable eyeballs we currently attract, we would be extremely naïve to encourage indiscriminate posting of low-content press releases here lest we get overrun as has happened to other sites.

          This is somebody talking about moving out of their garage, and then plugging a careers page. The person who wrote it–or who wrote the other article that @gerikson mentions–didn’t submit it here, so it isn’t even really an invitation for discussion. Like, a show thing from @bcantrill would be slightly different.

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            Think it depends a little. Because I’ve loosely followed that the people involved have been doing over the years this is interesting to me, because I have benefited from their work in the past.

            If I didn’t know who the people were, I’d probably not be interested. But I wouldn’t flag it, just ignore it.

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          Should be folded into


          or maybe that should be folded into this, as it’s a bit more meaty than a tweet.