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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      Not a damn thing!

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        I want to flag this as “me too”, but not in a negative way.

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      Recovering mentally from doing every Advent of Code 2020 problem.

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        Congrats! I found myself profoundly unhappy after getting through 2/3 of it last year, so I know what you mean. It’s a great achievement, hope you feel better soon.

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        Especially from the day 20 problem, right ;)

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        I stopped at day 20 part 2. But I got 40 stars this year, which is a record for me.

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      Just released first game on Steam two days ago (https://store.steampowered.com/app/1473870/Hell_Loop/), so mostly monitoring what’s happening and fixing issues as they arise, along with post-release marketing :)

      Busy Christmas this year!

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        Congrats! It looks intriguing. I always loved Lemmings. This looks like quite a “twist” on that concept.

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      I am gleefully indulging myself and spending time on things that non-festive-me would consider to be unproductive.

      Throughout the year I maintained a list of bug fixes and other tiny things that I thought would spark joy for my personal website. To wit, I just shipped a new and improved RSS Feed (i.e. it now works), design changes, and a rewrite of lots of the static page content.

      I’ve also been watching my parents play chess, playing Among Us with faraway friends, and taking part in family traditions (‘tradition’ here meaning anything that has been done at least once before!)

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      I’m currently finishing up the latest changes and documentation for a new release of HexaPDF (Ruby PDF library). There also various issues and pull requests amassed for kramdown (Ruby Markdown-superset library) which I will have a look at.

      Finally, since it is the end of the year I will update my hledger based accounting files to get a better overview of how and where I spent money during the pandemic.

      On a general note, having the accounting data in plain text files and using a tool like hledger to process them is really very convenient. All the usual CLI tools like grep, sed, awk, … work like a charm. And you might think that it would be slow to parse all files each and every time hledger is invoked but it is actually quite okay: In my case, 8915 transactions spread over 72 files containing data from the last 13 years are parsed and processed in about a second!

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      I’m on call this weekend, so there is not much I can do outside the house.

      I’ve been playing with k3s and ArgoCD for a couple of days now. I’m used to working with OpenShift and not plain kubernetes, and I must admit the Red Hat people did add some nice things I’m missing with plain kubernetes. I don’t have an immediate plan for my setup, I think I’ll write some small php8 app and deploy it on there just to see how it works.

      I’m also thinking I want to learn some Romanian next year, making it my new years resolution. This year was not drinking alcohol (except on my birthday) and I passed that one so far. Last year was about reading a book a month and that was also fine. I guess I have some time left to think about it.

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      Long weekend here in the UK (public holiday friday/monday).

      Got all my 3d printing for Xmas presents done, super happy with productivity in Fusion 360 - managed to model a shitting dog tree ornament on a whim for extra credit. Got an idea for a properly three dimensional version of something I did in “extruded 2d” easily I want to play with.

      Have a few admin related tasks to look at for the sailing club as well, eg. website redirections.

      Also attempting to start some long-running notes that I append ideas into, rather than having things rattle round my head which I inevitably forget. Less well-formed things being written down and more snippets I can read back and expand on later. (I suspect this might lead to me blogging things more easily because I’ll remember what I wanted to write about when I sit down to write things.)

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      Heading home from visiting with family. It’s been a lovely visit, and it will be lovely to leave.

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      Finished Advent of Code 2020, using python. Pretty much satisfied with myself. As I didn’t do it the last years, I’ve decided to start them back from 2015, with using Rust instead (still in the process to learning the language). So my weekend (and holidays) will be mostly resting + a few exercices.

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      Spending time with family. Resting from work. Learning Tailwind CSS on the side and trying to finish an MVP.

      Continuing my Dark Souls 2 run, it is a bit of a slog compared to the other two games. Also picked up Hades, and it is superb.

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      I’m adding more tools to my tools collection. Focusing on data generation this weekend.

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      Started watching The Mandalorian. (Better late than never.)

      Did a 2nd coat of the indoor stairs of the house.

      Back to language learning after a break of two weeks.

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      Tidying up my Guo-Hall thinning implementation for PR into opticl image processing library.

      Planning for three-day getaway to Plague City of Oslo, starting Sunday. Some scooter rides throughout the streets, and maybe a couple hours photography with my 6x6 Salyut in the Vigeland Park.

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      Enjoying some times with the family and friends before crossing borders become an hassle. After coming back, learning more about functional harmony and playing with Raku. Maybe try to beat the performance of Collatz Conjecture submission from a previous Raku Weekly challenge.

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      Going to play some more Talos Principle and Half Life Alyx, and tidy my apartment some more, to be ready to do some small fixes from when I moved in.

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        Frogs are people

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      Building a section dedicated to ordered key-value store on my blog.