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      I’m not seeing anything in either Firefox or Chromium. From error console:

      webgpu-rotating-cube.html:59 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'requestAdapter')
          at rotatingCubeMain (webgpu-rotating-cube.html:59:38)
          at webgpu-rotating-cube.html:612:40
      rotatingCubeMain @ webgpu-rotating-cube.html:59
      (anonymous) @ webgpu-rotating-cube.html:612

      Oh I guess this is because it’s brand new: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WebGPU

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        Implementation status according to the webgpu docs (https://github.com/gpuweb/gpuweb/wiki/Implementation-Status). Incidentally this is where wikipedia’s “Official website” link redirects, which is a bit strange

        Quick summary:

        Chrome Canary and Edge Canary: available on Chrome OS, Mac, and Windows. Available behind a flag on Android and Linux.

        Firefox Nightly: Available on Windows and Linux. Behind a flag for macOS and Android

        Safari Technology Preview: Available behind a flag

        Apparently not yet in any stable release channel.

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          Caniuse is currently incorrect about Safari btw. It used to have a webgpu implementation in the Safari tech preview build, but the Safari team withdrew it a while ago because they are currently rewriting it.

          I think this is partly because their implementation was of an older version of the standard.

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          WebGPU is enabled on some platforms in stable Chrome v113, which started rolling out a few days ago.



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        It’s working for me out of the box with Firefox Nightly on Android :-).

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      As mentioned in the weekend thread[0], I wrote a WebGPU “hello world” type demo that fits in a single HTML page (no NPM dependencies or build steps). There’s quite a few comments in the source, so it might be a useful resource for people like me who have been out of the graphics game for a long time.

      [0] https://lobste.rs/s/q5aymk/what_are_you_doing_this_weekend#c_sgi2jx