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    Polywell dev here; happy to answer any questions that come up. It was first created for my programming-centric game Bussard (https://technomancy.itch.io/bussard) but I’ve used it for a few other games since then.

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      Have you ever seen this one?

      Your README doesn’t seem to list extensibility among its features, is there a way to extend the editor with plugins or would you need to modify the base code to add more stuff? (Not judging - the latter might be better for a limited scope tool like this)

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        Your README doesn’t seem to list extensibility among its features

        Oh yeah, haha. I guess I take it as a given; why would anyone even bother writing a text editor in Lua in the first place if you couldn’t extend it?

        It’s very extensible–basically the whole user interface of the spaceflight game Bussard is done as modes of Polywell. Most of the code for Bussard that’s implemented outside of the editor is done so for sandboxing reasons–to make it hard to cheat–not because you couldn’t do it in the editor.

        Here’s a much simpler example of extending the editor to implement a simple board game: https://gitlab.com/technomancy/polywell/blob/master/config/connect4.lua Everything in the same directory as that file is user-level config, so you can see how to define modes for new languages, repl consoles, even network protocol clients.