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    Thanks for this post! I didn’t know about these images. Try not to be alone when you watch Grave of the Fireflies; it is a very sad movie.

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      I did watch it alone, and I feel strongly that alone is the right way to watch it.

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        As long as you went in knowing what to expect!

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          All I need is a recommendation from a trusted source, and I’ll watch something. I do not need to know anything about it, nor will I look anything up.

          So I watch with no knowledge, not knowing what to expect. That’s the most enjoyable to me.

          Thus “it’s very sad” is, from such a perspective, a spoiler.

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        Phew, that was my plan, so thank you for the warning!!

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        You can avoid installing an MTA by redirecting the output of your command to a file btw.

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          Yeah, that was going to be my next plan if the MTA approach didn’t work. Probably it should have been my first plan.

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          I can’t select the wget command for some reason on your site. Seems to be something blocking highlighting.

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            Agh, sorry. I just fixed it. I also fixed (most of) the horizontal scrolling in the code blocks by changing to white-space: pre-wrap . Thanks for letting me know!