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    Title is slightly misleading. This isn’t about batteries that last a lifetime without recharging, this is about combating the decay that comes from discharging/recharging. So no charger-less laptops from this, unfortunately (but maybe your battery will no longer slowly become worthless).

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      Yeah, as you say. I still expect this to have a nice practical effect - you know the phenomenon where your phone’s battery seems to die a lot faster a year later, and you don’t know whether to blame it on hardware or software? Once this is commercialized, it’ll definitely be software. :)

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        You’re right, the title is misleading. Yet, this is still a great achievement. Battery’s lifetime is a real issue. Especially with Apple hardware, having to bring them every two years to replace the battery is a chore, and a waste of natural resources.

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          I see what you mean but at the same time I don’t.

          Is it (even slightly) misleading when, I assume, no one will interpret “last a lifetime” as “will store a lifetime worth of energy” instead of “will keep storing the same amount of energy for a lifetime”?

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            Yeah, but I kinda figured that Li-ion batteries weren’t wasting so much energy that making them more efficient would make them last a lifetime. Process of elimination.

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            I recommend keeping the excitement under control. The gap between the state of the art and those results seems too good. Paired with the low impact factor of the journal, it let me think that there must be something that is missing. Reproducibility ? Statistics? I don’t know yet, but if the flexible organic solar cells have teached us anything, is to keep the hype in check.

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              We need a Lobsters for chemists to get the advice of someone knowledgeable ;-)

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                I’ve a phys-chem Ph.D. , and I was into a similar field (my lab was mostly into OFETS and self assembly) but to be honest I have not finished reading the paper yet.. And I’m by no mean someone knowledgeable :) . I was already asking about this paper around, I’ll report back. And thumbs up for Labste.rs

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                  By the way, I asked the same on Hacker News, and got two interesting answers:



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                    “Labste.rs” is a really great name :-)

                    I’m really interested in knowing what your friends in the field think of that news.