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    Australians have been doing this for years, thanks Telstra!

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      Why is the send bandwidth so much lower than receiving? Is the send just lower powered so it’s disproportionately effected?

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        ADSL is always biased towards downstream transmission (The “A” stands for asymmetric, there is also SDSL.)

        For ADSL2 Annex A, the theoretical maximums are 12Mbit down and 1.3Mbit up so they’re getting 28% of max downstream and 5% of max upstream. If it’s actually ADSL2+, they’re getting 14% of max downstream.

        My guess is that the percentages are so unequal because the wet string’s frequency response is not flat(!) ADSL only has one transmission medium (the phone line) so it splits concurrent upstream & downstream communications by frequency. Upstream gets the lower frequencies.

        There’s a good table on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asymmetric_digital_subscriber_line#ADSL_standards