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    I agree with most of his points, and I would probably turn down such an offer for the same reasons. I’m sure Bitcoin millionaires would disagree, but IMO the environmental impact of mining (proof of work) still outweighs the benefits. On the other hand the tech. could improve, but still I’m not willing to bet N years of work on this.

    Also, I’m annoyed by the argument of having a filter on people how have invested in a cryptocurrency:

    It feels like talking to a religious group that is trying to convert you to the one true faith that will solve all problems you and society have. I wish it was possible to filter out everyone who had money invested in the fate of cryptocurrencies in those discussions.

    On these grounds, should we ban Haskell programmers from talking about their favourite lang?

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      basically a solution in search of problems

      Remember when LASER was called a solution in search of a problem? I hope we can find some use for distributed blockchains after the speculation bubble bursts.

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        Easier to figure out some if you say audit logs like they used to be called. There’s piles of applications of them in the literature for both accounting and CompSci. Just think distributed as you explore each one. Can still use regular, efficient tech with replication, distributed checking, and signatures, too. Kind of like banks and DVCS’s whose ecosystems are still going strong.

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