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    On macOS, brew cask install docker will install Docker for Mac automatically.

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      Also there’s appcast.xml, which is used for auto-update, that contains URL of latest version.

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      Sounds like this project needs a new pull request https://github.com/nikolas/github-drama/

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        I don’t understand why this matters. Both Windows and Mac versions can still be downloaded from the docker website without logging in:

        I found those by googling “docker for $OS”. The Mac page was the top result and the windows was the third.

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          I searched docker for windows and it took me to this page. Which asks for a login to download. I think the big deal is how dishonest the reply from the docker team is.

          “we’ve made this change to make sure we can improve the Docker for Mac and Windows experience for users moving forward.”

          This is such obvious marketing BS and it’s insulting that they think the average developer doesn’t know this is so they can send more marketing emails and not to “Improve experiences”.

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            In their defense, it takes money to improve the experience, and marketing yields money. So indirectly, marketing allows them to improve the experience. I entirely agree that they should just come out and say that, however.

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              I love this reasoning! I wonder where else they could improve.

              I think funneling more docker users into Enterprise plans would be big $$$, maybe they could cap the number of images downloaded from the store for free, and then sell licences for more downloads.

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            It’s required from >= 18.03

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            Yet another reason to try for BSD jails and ansible.

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              If only any of the BSDs had an init system with declarable units, instead of the hack that is shell scripts.

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                Nobody is preventing you from installing and using one

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                  Yes, and nobody is preventing me from using Linux with systemd either, which I rather do until they fix this. If they never fix it, that’s fine too.

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                    How many service units are you writing on a daily basis that makes Systemd a necessity for your use case? Do Linux packages typically ship without service units and force you to do it yourself?

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                      Well, none of the Fun parts even come from the official repos. Plus there’s of course all internally developed stuff – somebody needs to write init scripts or unit files for those. Getting a unit file 95% correct on the first try is possible.

                      You may be right that systemd is not necessary for anything I do. It’s just a whole lot more convenient than the alternatives.

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                        That’s the difference with FreeBSD: we don’t have a small “official” repo. Our community maintained ports tree is huge and everything that needs an rc script comes with one.

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                          My frequent experience from FreeBSD has been that not all of those rc scripts in the ports tree work 100% well. Systemd units tend to work pretty solidly, on the other hand.

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                            If you happen to remember any specific poor experiences please send me a message… I’ll hunt down the rc scripts and fix them.