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    Hello friends!

    A bunch of people have asked me to do a walk-through of the Serenity OS boot process, and this is it. It covers everything from the initial assembly code entry (where we receive control from the boot loader) up to the point where we launch the user-space GUI.

    Most of it is stepping through the C++ kernel boot sequence and discussing what each part is for, and the various things that get initialized along the way.

    If you’re not familiar, Serenity is a new operating system that I’ve been building since October 2018 that combines an old-school Unix feel with an old-school 90s office software look, all written in modern C++ :)

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      I’m currently using Qemu for osdev, and I was wondering what system you were using to print to your linux terminal. Could make some debugging easier for me down the line ^^

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        Hi zge! If you run qemu with the -debugcon stdio command-line option, you can output to I/O port 0xe9 from your OS and it will show up in your Linux terminal :)